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Yeah – I sent you this same e mail last night, but didn’t realize I had sent it from my other office e mail address. Sorry about that.
I’ve had a couple of e mail responses saying, “we didn’t know this was from you, because it didn’t say The Thurstons on the e mail”. Thank you to those of you who brought this to my attention. With that said, I didn’t want some of you to think you received junk mail and miss my message to you this week.

Here’s the message again below. Sorry for the error. I’ll admit to messing up sometimes. Shhhhh. Don’t tell Marni. She thinks I’m perfect. LOLOLOL

Hello Everyone,

We had a great weekend of concerts in Hudsonville, MI and Eau Claire, MI. We loved seeing so many friends and singing with some other great artists who have the same desire that we do to share the good news of the gospel in song. We were excited to witness people dedicating their lives to the Lord in yesterday’s service. Praise the Lord. That’s why we do what we do.

We’re off to Kunkle, OH for this Sunday morning, October 29th.

New Recording
Our new recording has just arrived. “God’s Amazing Grace” is the title cut from our new recording that arrived early last Friday morning, just in time to load on the bus and take it with us to that nights singing. The first responses from those who purchased the recording this past weekend have been great.

There are 11 songs on this recording. Most of these songs are new songs, penned by some of gospel music’s greatest writers, including Dianne Wilkinson, Rebecca Peck, Rodney Griffin, Joseph Habadank, and our own Monty Bishop.

We couldn’t do a recording without a few throwback songs, like the Happy Goodman Classic, “The Sweetest Song I Know”, and a song written by Ronnie Hinson, recorded by the Hinsons, “Soldier In the Army”. Be sure to get one of our new CD’s the next time you attend a Thurston Concert.

Speaking of Concerts – we have a 2 Night/2 City Concert Stop coming up in just 2 weeks.

Saturday Night – November 4th @ Family Altar Chapel – Battle Creek, MI – 6pm
Steve Ladd, The Guardians, Mark Lanier and The Thurstons

Sunday Night – November 5th @ The House of Prayer – Haslett, MI – 6pm
Steve Ladd, The Guardians and The Thurstons

(See Attachment)

Admission is FREE – an offering will be received. Make plans to be with us at one of these two concert events, and of course see our events page at for a full listing of all scheduled service and concert events.

We’re Cruising
Don’t forget that we are going on a Gospel Music Cruise to the Bahamas in January. We have a great line up of artist joining us for a full week of singing, eating and relaxing. Please contact us for more information about the concert series, cruise and for 2018 scheduling.

Before I close, let me once again say Thank You for the kindness you show to The Thurstons. We appreciate your support and friendship to this ministry. We’ll look forward to seeing you soon.

God bless.

Dave Thurston
The Thurstons
517. 694. 9010 ( Ministry Office)